Meet Chanel

Chanel is tertiary qualified in social science

Chanel is a nationally registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, nationally accredited Mediator and Collaborative trained Practitioner

Chanel is  a Child Consultant and is a strong advocate and strategist for maintaining child focus  and good outcomes in separated families

Chanel is a collaborative coach and has strong skills in motivation, negotiation and influence toward positive and aligned outcomes.

Chanel has worked extensively in government at a state and local level, in private and not for profit assisting children and families to make changes toward more positive and safer relationships addressing power imbalances and minimizing conflict and risk.

Chanel has  demonstrated abilities in communication, conflict resolution, addressing power imbalances, negotiation, child focus and building partnerships and collaboration.

Chanel is committed to assisting clients achieve change and move through periods of conflict and family instability. Chanel is passionate about learning about your families strengths and focusing on those to build stronger relationships moving forward.