About Chanel

In what feels like a lifetime ago now as a Social Scientist, Chanel devoted herself to a 24-year career with NSW Department of Communities and Justice in Child Protection and Collaborative practice in Joint Investigation with NSW Police and Health. Here, she mastered investigative interviewing of children for prosecution and care matters.

Chanel also ventured into Early Intervention and Capacity building with Local and State Government, building award winning networks ensuring that vulnerable persons have support services.

Today, using decades of experience Chanel is a qualified mediator, FDRP, Child Consultant and Coach. Chanel works with passion guiding and influencing parents motivating positive change and resolution for children and their families, experiencing conflict.

Always having been a leader in advocating for children’s best interests and safety, Chanel is adept at engaging children and hearing their stories, then deliberately and   powerfully compelling parents to realize their child’s experiences and assisting with contemplating positive change.

When not working Chanel can be found at the gym pretending she is young and ensuring self-care is a priority given this field. Chanel is also relishing all the minutes that her two young adult children choose to spend with her.